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Welcome to PieData UK Ltd, your trusted provider of cutting-edge portable ultrasound imaging solutions in Crawley, UK. Our advanced technology harnesses high frequency sound waves to deliver precise anatomical imaging for medical professionals. Experience the convenience and accuracy of portable ultrasound with PieData UK Ltd. Stay at the forefront of medical imaging innovation and enhance patient care with our state-of-the-art solutions.

We are a reputable supplier of veterinary equipment, with a specialization in advanced ultrasound scanners tailored for animal healthcare. Our cutting-edge ultrasound scanners are meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of veterinary which offers more detalied and realtime health examination to professionals. Delivering exceptional imaging capabilities essential for precise diagnosis and treatment of animals.

Use of Ultrasound in veterinary medicine is widley used since early 1970's, folowing Sonar technology on ships and fishing where soft tissue images are created by using sound waves that are emitted from a transducer and then bounce off. Distance is detected. similarly in animal and human madicine, soft tissue, fluid and bones depending on its density sound waves are reflacted from the animal's area of examination.


These frequncy dependent sound waves are used to create different grey values to build the ultrasound data for the reflected image, which are then converted into a real-time anatomical image that can be used for diagnostic purposes.


The scanned image produced by ultrasound is incredibly useful for veterinarians, as it allows them to visualize both normal and abnormal structures within the animal's body, aiding in the diagnosis of various conditions and diseases. As an example for equine reproduction stages of pregnancy can be monitored for mare's and feotal health during fertility to birth of a foal.

Various modes can be changed on a well designed portable ultrasound machine that can provide variouse types of none invasive clinical examinations as by examinations of anatomical structures are to be performed using ultrasound technology.






Portable Ultrasound Scanner is a valuable instrument in veterinary medicine, utilizing ultrasound technology to provide detailed imaging of internal structures.

One of the main advantages of ultrasound as an imaging modality is its ability to provide real-time images, allowing for immediate visualization of organs and tissues.

Transducers play a crucial role in ultrasound imaging, as they emit and receive sound waves to create images. Different transducers can be used for various purposes, such as abdominal or cardiac imaging.

The specialty of clinical examination using a Portable Ultrasound Scanner lies in the ability to obtain diagnostic results through precise measurements and calculations. These results can be compared to previous scans, leading to improved clinical judgments and treatment plans for animals.

What is Ultrasound?

Modes of Ultrasound

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