Harmonics in US Imaging

What are Harmonics in Sound waves?

Harmonics play a crucial role in the field of Physics, particularly in the study of sound waves. 

Frequency is an important aspect of sound waves, as it determines the pitch of the sound. Different soundwave frequencies are used for imaging purposes in various fields of science and medicine.

Harmonic frequencies refer to multiples of the centre frequency of the transducer, which is the frequency of the transmitted sound wave. When the returning echo is analysed, harmonic frequencies can be filtered and used to convert in finer details of returning echo improve resolution and enhance image.
For ultrasound imaging and US guided diagnostic procedures, Harmonics and the contrast media is also used to create bubbles, presence or burst of bubbles can be visualized by ultrasound,  Such that imaging can be improved by use of harmonic frequencies. By utilizing ultrasound harmonics technology, medical professionals can track instantaneous bursting of bubbles more clearly, aiding in visualisation of real-time image for more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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