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Data Controller

Contact for Data related concerns and removal.

Management of Pie Data UK Ltd Write to Address or contact for immediate response and information if you are concerned about personal data. Phone: +441293510231

Collected Personal Data

We or our business partners may collect only relevant details provided by you or by mail, telephone, fax, e-mail or other electronic messaging services.

Whilst using electronic equipment, internet or by any wireless means, operating systems, and external applications, including web browsers and related marketing agencies may collect your information by use of cookies, and bots. On which we have little or no influence. Kindly take appropriate actions to protect as necessary available here and from any advice provided by responsible authorities, and your own trustworthy IT specialists agencies.

Purpose of collecting data

For marketing purposes, unless expressed and asked by you, we do not ever share your information directly with any third parties other than wholly owned subsidiaries who can supply requested product or services.

For marketing purposes, we may send you information about our products goods and services. We or our business partners may contact you by mail, telephone, fax, e-mail, or other electronic messaging services with offers of goods and services or information that may be of interest to you about Medical and Imaging goods and services, materials, news, or training.

By providing us with your details Phone number, telephone numbers or email address, you consent to being contacted by any of these methods for above purposes.

To Unsubscribe or remove your information from our data base, please contact us.

If you do not wish to receive such information from us or our subsidiaries, please contact us

Phone: +441293510231

Contact by email. Please enter your contact details with remove subject or within message.

4, Mil Court Spindle Way Crawley West Sussex. RH10 1TT

Internet and Browsers that may affect you.

In the realm of Sales & Marketing, understanding the importance of cookies and their links to various web browsers is vital. Let's delve into the significance of cookies on popular platforms like Google, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Bing. Here is basic guide only. 

Please Note: For ever changing world and internet, including rules and regulations, and other less wellknown browsers may have changed or may apply own policies and country specific rules and reguations.

Google, and Chrom being the most widely used Android devices and search engine, relies on cookies to enhance user experiences. These cookies track user behavior, enabling marketers to target relevant ads and optimize their campaigns accordingly. Read their terms and pocicies Here. Find about their privacy policy how it may realte to you by selecting More

Firefox, known for its strong privacy features, handles cookies differently. It allows users to customize their cookie settings, providing them with greater control over their online activities. This feature can impact marketers' ability to gather data and tailor their strategies accordingly. Find about their privacy policy how it may realte to you by selecting More

Safari, Apple Mac, Iphones, Ipad devices may have the default browser on Apple devices, has strict cookie policies to protect user privacy. It blocks third-party cookies by default, limiting the tracking capabilities for marketers. However, Safari's Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) allows first-party cookies for a more personalized browsing experience. Find about their privacy policy how it may realte to you by selecting More

Opera, with its built-in ad blocker, offers users a faster and less intrusive browsing experience. This browser also provides options to manage cookies, ensuring users have control over their privacy settings. For marketers, this means adapting strategies to reach Opera users through alternative channels. Find about their privacy policy how it may realte to you by selecting More

Bing, Microsoft's search engine, utilizes cookies to personalize search results and display targeted ads. By tracking user behavior, Bing enables marketers to reach their target audience effectively, optimizing their sales and marketing efforts. Find about their privacy policy how it may realte to you by selecting More


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